The Contemporary Music Department of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory offers the latest techniques and systems available in musical education. The Department is designed to train musicians who will be able to cope with the continuous developments in music technology and simultaneously hold their own in the mainstream of contemporary musical composition and performance.
Equipped with state-of-the-art sound systems and processors, the Department is staffed by well-known musicians and teachers who are active in their field and have received widespread acclaim for their contribution to the composition, orchestration, recording and performance of modern music.

The Department's primary aim is to provide every possible facility that will enable its students to be engaged professionally in the field after graduation. This objective is achieved through the Diploma Study Course which comprises (in addition to the teaching of instrumental technique) of a number of special classes aimed at producing well-rounded musicians with a thorough grounding in musical theory, ample experience of performing in groups and ensembles and a flair for improvisation and musical invention. All candidates for the Diploma in Modern Music are required to take this course.
Students in the Modern Music Department at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory may opt to take a course of intensive study enabling them to obtain their Diploma in four six-month semesters.
The Philippos Nakas Conservatory is Berklee Academic Global Partner.

The Conservatory’s association with Berklee College of Music guarantees its students:

  • the automatic transfer of credits for every graduate from the Department of Modern Music to reduce his/her course of study at Berklee by up to two years
  • the know-how and methodology
  • the opportunity to attend educational seminars, lectures and workshops led by Berklee’s distinguished teaching staff, either by engaging them as visiting lecturers for specific periods of time or by operating a two-way audio-visual connection with Boston through tele-conferencing
  • the granting of scholarships for study at Berklee.

In addition to the customary auditions conducted every year by a group of teachers from Berklee, the Philippos Nakas Conservatory also awards annual scholarships worth $10,000 to two of its best students for further study at Berklee.

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