The purpose of the Introductory Classes is to obtain knowledge and skills through recreation and enjoyment; the classes are aimed at children of pre-school age and those just starting school.

The basis of music development goes back to preschool. Children absorb everything new like sponges, as long as we teach them in a natural way, like a play. Music mobilizes their imagination and develops their sense of timing, memory, as well as their visual, auditory and language skills. Long-term research has shown that all children have musicality and that engaging in music at the youngest possible age contributes decisively to the development of intelligence, improving school performance. Children who learn music integrate into society more harmoniously than other children. Small music groups are the ideal environment for the development of the sociability of small students.

The Philippos Nakas Conservatory runs many Introductory Music Courses. While each of these courses is complete in itself and serves to introduce the child to the world of music, they are in fact complementary to one another. In every course, tuition is carried out at weekly one-hour classes.

  • Group lesson
  • Weekly duration of courses