Contemporary Voice Performance

The Philippos Nakas Conservatory gives students the opportunity to join one of the numerous ensembles and appear in concerts.

Duration of study and weekly duration courses:

The studies are divided into eight levels.

The courses are individual, with weekly duration 40 '.


The voice training has become a major target for many. A prospective career that requires not only talent, but knowledge and organization. An accomplished singer must have the expertise to treat the voice as an instrument, which evolves together with the physical and spiritual qualities.

At the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, after years of experience teaching voice performance, we organized the integrated education system that one needs in order to build a career.

So apart from the private voice performance class, the student learns the instrument chosen, repertoire, music theory, ear training, voice performance, improvisation and singing with students' bands giving concerts throughout the course of the year.

The intensive modern voice section aims to give students what they need: knowledge and experience in minimum time.

The voice performance section has organized many successful concerts in collaboration with the ensembles of the Conservatory, and its students and graduates are collaborating with record companies.