Courses Cubase Courses

Cubase Courses provide students with the opportunity to enhance their knowledge in applying the best DAW of modern music technology.
Candidates may be beginners with appetite and passion for Digital Media or already users of the program who wish to have the opportunity to learn to use the advanced level in Cubase.

Software purchase is not necessary, as for the whole duration of the course students are provided (free of charge) with the latest version of Cubase and with many other accompanying programs of Steinberg such as Wavelab, Halion and sound libraries as Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance etc.

The course includes modules that cover work environment, possibilities of Cubase and smart "Tips & Tricks» solving hands. Students learn how to record and edit Midi and Audio, while having the ability to apply techniques used in modern productions.
At the same time they have access to a carefully selected material which helps to consolidate and familiarize with practical issues.
For the first time, the instructor provides individual support off the course, which ensures uninterrupted study without difficulties for the student.
If you use Cubase and want to bring your work and creativity to perfection, then this course is the ideal choice.

In each section students are given the appropriate Training Files for home study.

  • Taught in groups of up to
    up to 7 students
  • Duration of studies (months)
    4 months
  • Weekly duration of courses
    3 hours