New Artistic Director for the Classical Music Department
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New Artistic Director for the Classical Music Department

The time has come and after more than 20 years at the head of the Classical Music Department of the Conservatory as artistic director, Evangelos Kokkoris is retiring. In the decades that passed, Mr. Kokkoris was always present in all the activities of the Conservatory and with his teaching in theory classes, but also in a multitude of seminars, he influenced a whole generation of our young students.

Acclaimed pianist Dionysis Mallouhos takes his place.

Dionysis Mallouhos, having taught for a number of years in conservatories, has demonstrated a consistent and serious course in the field of teaching, but also a continuous active participation in the artistic events of our country. He belongs, in a few words, to the musicians who have contributed with all their strength to the efforts for a better artistic education and for the subsequent rise of the cultural level of our country. The goal and vision of the new artistic director is to work closely with the professors of the Conservatory, assisting them in the important work they carry out, to act in an advisory manner to the students and to contribute to the further development of the Conservatory.

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