Born in Larissa, she studied piano with Lila Rizos and Christine Fressinier, and Advanced Theory with Dimitris Dimopoulos (harmony degree) and Christos Samaras (counterpoint and fugue degrees). She graduated from the Music Department of the Aristotle University of Fine Arts. She has attended seminars for piano, harpsichord and chamber music with: G. Hatzinikos, A. Garoufalis, D. Toufexis, M. Dalmati, M. Tirimo, Br. Fredriksen, D. Deliponti, M. Margaunt. She has performed solo recitals and chamber music concerts in various cities of Greece and abroad. She teaches piano and theory at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory (Annex Thessaloniki).
She is particularly concerned with the study of contemporary music and performed many premieres of 20th and 21st century works. She has appeared as a soloist in contemporary repertoire, such as the Marriage of I. Stravinsky and Carmina Burana of C. Orff ( Symphony Orchestra and Choir of Sofia). Premiered works of El. Allberga, Ed. Roxbough, Al. Schnittke, A. Part, K. Tsougras, Ch. Navrozidis etc. Occasionally she has worked with the composition classes of Chr. Samaras, M. Lapidakis, K. Tsougras and V. Kitsos for the presentation of works of younger composers.

Fani Karagianni

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