Born in 1961 in Ioannina, Vangelis Boulouhtsis studied theory at the National Conservatory of Athens.

He participated in the two-year program of the "Contemporary Music Research Centre" attending musicology courses, ethnomusicology, wave acoustics, recording techniques and computers, analysis of 20th century works and cycles of seminars for recording and preservation of Greek music with the help of modern technology.

As a bassist he has a long experience as session performer.

He has been involved with various techniques and styles of the electronic bass with a special approach to timbre.

He is a founding member of several rock and jazz and improvised music groups, with many live performances and constant presence.

Among other he issued:

Chapter 24: "Tin invaders" - Di-Di music 1988
Chapter 24: "The index of coincidences" - Hitch-Hyke 1995
OMMA: "etudes" - Ankh productions 2001
OMMA: "With my own eyes" - Ankh productions 2007

He teaches el. Bass, theory, harmony and group performance at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory since 1998.

Vangelis Boulouhtsis

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