Born in Athens, Sofia began her music studies at the age of five years learning piano. She holds degrees for harmony and counterpoint (National Conservatory of Athens) and fugue degree with honors from the Athens Conservatory. She has also a degree for Orff system from the Moraitis School. She attended a two-year music technology seminar. In August 2005 she attended in Poland the "International Summer Music and seminar - The Meeting", while in July 2006 she attended the Mozarteum in Salzburg "International Orff Summer Course - Music and Pedagogic".
For two years (2007-2009) she was treasurer of the Association of Greek Music and Education and in October 2008 she organized a training seminar for Orff at Melina Mercouri Cultural Centre at the Municipality of Kallithea. She has participated in seminars such as: "Orff" by Dimitri Vassilakis, "Dance and Visual Arts" by Barbara Hasselbach, "Telling tales and musical accompaniment" by Mania Maratou.
In April 2015 her own composition for piano, violin and viola (Dreamland) was presented in concert at the Athens Concert Hall.
She works since 2008 as music and theory teacher at the Athens Conservatory and from 2012 as Robbie-Teddy education systems teacher at Philippos Nakas Conservatory. Since 2004 she teaches music at a primary school and has also taught at the National and Municipal Conservatories of Kallithea. From 2010 she is directing and teaching the lesson of the orchestra to elementary school students at Dukas School.

Sofia Samouri

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