Despina Matthaiopoulou was born in Thessaloniki-Greece. She holds a Master of Arts in Music Education from the University of London, Institute of Education, with scholarship from the Lillian Voudouri foundation. She also holds with honors the degree in Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration and Fuga from the “Macedonian” Conservatory in Thessalloniki. She attended the one year course of Music Education at the “Music College” Conservatory in Thessaloniki.

She has taught music to children, following contemporary music education methods in private kindergartens and Conservatories in Ptolemaida, in Kozani and at the “Music College” Conservatory in Thessaloniki. She has taught in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, for the “Academic and Professional Improvement of Primary Education” the lesson of Music Education. She has taught music education in the Institute of Education (I.E.K) of St. Dimitrious in Athens, Hellenic Conservatory in Athens. Now she is working in the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

She is the writer of “My first book, theory of music”, “Mousikoponiries 1 & 2” “Miss Maro the fox goes to the Athens Concert Hall”, “Pianoponiries” and “ A Big Concert in Boubouzalia”.  All of the books have been published from Philippos Nakas editions.

Despina Matthaiopoulou

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