Myrto Tsakiri was born in Athens. In 1980, she began her studies at the Athens Conservatory, from where she obtained her Diploma in 1991 with a grade of "Excellent unanimously" with the teacher of the distinguished Swiss flutist Urs Ruttimann. She also holds a Degree in Harmony with a grade of "Excellent unanimously". From 1993 to 2012 she taught flute and flute at the Athens Conservatory. From 1995 until today she teaches flute and chamber music at the National Conservatory (Peristeri branch). In 2005 she started teaching at the Municipal Conservatory of Peristeri. She has awarded dozens of degrees and diplomas and her students have distinguished themselves in international competitions and have been admitted to major Academies abroad. She has attended orchestra seminars (subsidized by the EU), as well as child psychology seminars. In addition, she is both a founder and committee member of the Urs Ruttimann Flute Competition held to honor the aforementioned. Throughout her career in the field of music, she has collaborated with the National Radio and Television Symphonic Orchestra and has performed at artistic events in Greece and abroad.

Myrto Tsakiri

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