Marianna Psimari was born in Attica-Greece in 1992. Her first contact with music was at the age of 8, when she started lessons in acoustic and electric guitar with Andreas Katogoudis. At the age of 19, she started cello lessons with teacher Aris Zervas at the Erateio Conservatory and in 2022 she received her final degree "Diploma" with Honours. Along with learning the cello, she attended harmony with teacher Andriana Kandyla and drums with Ilias Aronidis.
She was a member of the Athenian Youth Symphony Orchestra conducted by Pavlos Sergiou, of the ancient Greek music group "Eveldor", as well as a founding member of the Inspiritum group.
She has performed concerts in music stages and theaters in various cities of Greece (Athens, Patras, Messolonghi, Ioannina, Limnos etc.) and has taken part in numerous recordings.
In 2019 together with Natasa Charalambi (piano & voice) they founded the Oenomel Duo with which she performs to this day.
In recent years, she has been giving cello lessons to children and young people, placing particular emphasis on the cultivation of creativity. From the academic year 2023-24, she collaborates with the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, having undertaken the teaching of cello and the Junior Strings course.

Marianna Psimari

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