Maria Gratsa was born in Athens. She studied violin and viola in the classes of professors Nelly Oikonomidou and Marivita Grammatikaki at the Conservatories: Athens Conservatory, Attica Conservatory and Echogenesis Conservatory. She received her Viola Degree "Ptychion" (2009), her Viola Final Degree "Diploma" (2017) with Honors and her Violin Degree "Ptychion" (2023) with Honors. She also studied Advanced Theory and received the Harmony Degree from the Athens Conservatory with teacher Mr. Babis Kanas, and continued with her studies in the Counterpoint class of Mr. Phoebus Papadopoulos, at the Zografou Municipal Conservatory. She holds a Certificate of Pedagogy and Teaching Proficiency from the University of Crete (2017) and a Certificate of Training in Special Education and Education-Annual Program of the University of the Aegean University (2021). She is still a graduate student at the Nursing School of the University of Western Attica.

She has participated as an active member in Bernhard Hartog's five-day Violin Masterclass held at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory (2007) as well as Yuval Gotlibovich's fifteen-day Viola Masterclass, which took place in Zakynthos (2014).
She was a collaborating member of the Symphony Orchestra of the Municipality of Athens (2019), a collaborating member of the National Opera Orchestra (2007-2009), a collaborating member of the ERT Symphony Orchestra (2008), a member in the Greek-Turkish Youth Orchestra, a member of the Zografou Municipality Orchestra under the direction of conductor Mr. Symeonidis (2006) and a member of the Student Orchestra of ASON and the Student Orchestra of the Athens Conservatory (2000-2006). She has been teaching since 2010 as a deputy teacher in music schools, since 2020 at the Conservatory of Zois School and since September 2023 she is part of the faculty of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

Maria Gratsa

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