Panagiotis Koukoutas was born in 1990 in Athens. At the age of 13, he watched a Jimi Hendrix concert on tv and decided to take up the electric guitar. He is a graduate of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, where he had the chance to be taught by professors such as G. Samaras, T. Paterelis, K. Konstantinou, G. Koltsiu, V. Saltikis, G. Kasetas. In addition to the guitar, he plays the saxophone and the flute. He has a recording presence and has participated in numerous concerts with various ensembles, covering a wide range of music genres. He is a graduate of the Electrical Engineering department of Polytechnic school with a specialization in Acoustics, as well as the Sound Engineering department of the SAE Athens school. He teaches electric guitar and theory and collaborates as a sound engineer with the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in events and productions held at the Philippos Nakas Concert Hall.

Panagiotis Koukoutas

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