Born and raised in Thessaloniki, at the age of 8 he started his relation with music, and at the same period he had leading roles at the Children’s Theatre of Thessaloniki.

In 1972, he studies Photographic art in Athens and later he decides to devote himself to the song.

He has performed in several cities in Greece, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Cyprus, Turkey, Latin America, Egypt etc.

He has collaborated with the Amfi- Theatre of Spiros Evaggelatos, as well as the NOUVEAU THEATRE DE BELGIQUE and the director Henri Ronse from 1982 to 1988.

He sang and acted at the performances: “The old man of Alexandria” poetry K.P.Kavafis, music Thanos Mikroutsikos, (Brussels 1982), “The Sonata of the moonlight” poetry Giannis Ritsos, music Thanos Mikroutsikos (Brussels 1985, Athens 1990), “The portrait of the acrobat artist”, (1st International Festival of Patra, 1986), “The dark port of Passion”, poetry Nikos Kavadias, music Thanos Mikroutsikos, (3rd International Festival of Patra, 1988), “The lady of the train” poetry Giannis Skaribas (Festival of Pireas, 1991), “The old man of Alexandria” poetry K.P.Kavafis, music Thanos Mikroutsikos, (October 1996, Municipal Peripheral, Theatre of Volos), “Wherever I travel….” Poetry Giorgos Seferis music Dimitris Papadimitriou (May 1998, Municipal Peripheral, Theatre of Volos).

In February 1986 he presented a concert at the BERLINER ENSEMBLE in Berlin with works of Mikis Theodorakis, and Thanos Mikroutsikos. He performed at the Athens Concert Hall (Megaro Mousikis) at the following evenings: “Kavafis – Elliot” (music Thanos Mikroutsikos), “Poetry, Rain and Music” (Music M. Theodorakis, M. Chatzidakis, Th. Mikroutsikos), “Kostas Giannidis” “The songs of the night”, “For voice and Piano” with Thanos Mikroutsikos.

He has collaborated with Mikis Theodorakis, performing the works: “Situation of siege” and “One Hostage”.

He has composed music for the Theatre and as a singer he has participated in many recording productions. He is also a radio producer.

Kostas Thomaidis

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