Stefanie Neofytou was born in Cyprus in 1997. She started playing the piano at a young age and graduated from the Paphos Music High School. She holds an Integrated Master's degree from the Department of Music Studies of the Ionian University, majoring in Music Pedagogy and Psychology of Music. Since 2020 she lives in Athens and continues her singing studies.
She has attended educational seminars (Special Training Seminar on traditional music for teachers - Center for Greek Music "Phoivos Anogianakis", 8th Conference of the Hellenic Union for Music Education (E.E.M.E), workshop "Mariza of children and songs" with Marisa Koch et al.).
As a student, she was an active member of the group of musical pedagogic activities of the Ionian University and practiced practical teaching of music and movement education to children aged 1-6 at the Corfu Clinic. She participates as an actor in theater performances and is a member of the women's choir Chores with performances in renowned venues. In addition, she attends santouri lessons with Panos Vergos as she has a strong interest in traditional music.

Stefanie Neofytou

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