Music Production I

· Introduction to music production and technology

· Computers and music programs as digital recording platforms DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Steinberg Cubase 12, Ableton live 11

· Audio Theory (what is sound, waves, phase, sample rate, buffer size dBspl, dBfs)

· Introduction to electronic musical instruments (Vst instruments, drum libraries, Samples, synthesizers)

· Basic Beat making techniques (drums)

· Basic techniques of creating chords (chords)

· Basic Bass Creation Techniques (bass)

· Basic Melody Creation Techniques

· Basic techniques of orchestration and track structure (orchestration, arrangement, audio effects)

· Basic audio recording techniques (Audio Recording Techniques)

· Main features of music genres – selection of sounds (hip hop, rock, metal, RnB, DnB, Techno, EDM, Pop and more)

· Basic audio mixing techniques (EQ, Compression, Reverb)

Total duration of the course: 1 educational year.

Weekly duration of courses: 90΄.

The course is run on a group basis (with up to 7 students people), involving 90 minutes of teaching per week and one hour of theory and jazz harmony.