Junior Strings

Ages 4 - 7

A 'Pioneer' program for the Greek music life. It exploits the development of technical skills that accompanies the transition from nursery school age to school age.

By using the particular musical instrument that has been selected by the child (violin, cello or double bass), we manage to develop a 'live' relation with the music by experiencing and practicing.

The learning of a string instrument and the first elements of musical education pass through the creative entertainment, educating but also entertaining the children, and helpingthem to discover their talents in the musical expression and communication.

The conservatory grants a number of suitable 'small' string intsruments for the new students. Special interest is being placed on the small student orchestra, created and nourished into the frame of the course.

The program is biennial.

  • The first year guarantees the first systematic contact of children with the music and with theinstrument of their choice. In thegroup lesson (duration roughly 45 '), the presence of a parent, but also the relative maturity of child are judged as essential.

  • The second year does not presuppose the attendance of the first year.
    It is separated into two periods. In the first one, participate all the instruments shaping a string orchestra. In the second,children are separated in order to attend the class of their choice. The total duration of the course is 75'. The courses take place at the headquarters of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory (Ippokratous), and at Melissia, Glyfada, Aegaleo, Nea Smyrni, Agia Paraskevi, and Thessaloniki subsidiaries.