Brass instruments

  • French horn
  • Trumpet
  • Trombone
  • Tuba - Euphonium

Tuition time allocated per week at each level:

Preparatory and Lower Level 40 ΄
Intermediate Level 60'
Advanced Level 80'

Duration of studies per class
Preparatory: One year study
Lower: One year study
Intermediate: Two-year course
Advanced: Three-year study

The above duration of study is the minimum for obtaining a "ptychion" or "diploma".

General Mandatory Courses
Theory (3 years)
Solfège (5 years)
Harmony (3 years)
History of Music (2 years)
Prima Vista
Mandatory Piano (up to the waist)
Wind Group Exercises (3 years)
Orchestra (3 years)
Chamber Music (2 years)
Morphology (2 years) – not listed on the degree, but attendance is mandatory
Instrumentation (1 year) – attendance is optional
History of Art (1 year) – attendance is optional