Voice performance - Operatic Singing

In the Operatic - Drama class, students learn to approach a libretto and a musical text: to shape the characters they perform, to give them life, to fit them into the Stage. At the end of each academic year, a performance is organized with excerpts from operas, operettas or musicals, or a whole opera is staged, with the collaboration of the musical ensembles of the Conservatory.

Lyric Song Studies

Weekly duration per level
(individual classes)
Preparatory  - Lower Level 40 ΄
Intermediate 60'
Advanced 80'
Professional section 100'
Postgraduate department 100΄
Operatic Singing (Group lesson) 180'

Duration of studies per class
Preparatory: One year study
Lower: Two-year study
Intermediate: Two-year course
Advanced: Three-year study

The above duration of study is the minimum for the acquisition of the final degree.

General Mandatory Courses
Theory (3 years)
Solfège (5 years)
Harmony (3 years)
History of Music (2 years)
Mandatory Piano (up to the waist)
Choir (2 years)
Prima Vista
Correct pronunciation of foreign texts
Melodrama (3 years)
Pedagogy Training
Morphology (2 years) – not listed on the degree, but attendance is mandatory
Instrumentation (1 year) – attendance is optional
History of Art (1 year) – attendance is optional