Specialized course: Stage performance and self-confidence techniques

Course Objective
Singers and musicians in general may realize that stress and fear are not obstacles for their future projects, on the contrary, they are tools for creativity and artistic evolvement.

Course Description
The experience of combining techniques from K. Stanislavski, J. Grotowski, J. Oida and L. Marshall methods with practicing at home, will help classical singers expand their skills in order to deal with stage and artistic obligations. By learning this procedure, musicians of all instruments will discover how they can feel pleasure, and how stress may become a tool for creativity and self-confidence. The course is personal so that each artist has the opportunity to work according to her/his needs.

Homework, Projects, Out-of-class Preparation
Participants will learn how to use acting skills on their own practice at home for future projects. After the feedback from each course, artists will program their weekly practice according to their evolvement and needs.

  • The course is given once a week, duration 50 minutes.
  • Teaching language: Greek or English.
  • The course is also available online.