At Philippos Nakas Conservatory and its subsidiaries piano is taught by over 50 distinguished professors.

Weekly duration of piano course according to the level of studies: 
- Preparatory - Lower level 40 ΄
- Intermediate level 60΄
- Advanced level 80΄
- Professional studies 100΄
- Post-graduate 100΄

Mandatory classes:
Theory (3 years)
Solfege (5 years)
Harmony (3 years)
Music History  (2 years)
Morphology (2 years )
Choir (2 years)
Chamber music (3 years)
Prima Vista
Art History (1 year)
Piano Pedagogy (2 years) 
Instrumentation (1 year) - attendance is optional
History of Art (1 year) - attendance is optional

Note down that: 
Theory and Solfege should start at the beginning of studies. Solfege tuition goes on during the course of Harmony classes. 
History, Morphology and Chamber Music should begin at the 1st year of Higher level at the latest.
For the attendance of Morphology classes, 2nd year of Harmony tuition is a prerequisite.