In the specially designed percussion classroom, the Conservatory has the entire range of percussion instruments of the symphony orchestra (drums, gran-casa, tambourines, bells, metallophone, xylophone, cymbals, gongs, vibraphone, marimba).

Weekly duration of lessons per level
Preparatory - Lower 40 ΄
Intermediate 60'
Advanced 80'
Professional section 100'
Postgraduate department 100΄

Duration of studies per class

Preparatory: Study from one year to two years
Lower: Study from one year to two years
Intermediate: Study from two years to four years
Advanced: Study from two to six years

The two years of advanced level class are the minimum required for the acquisition of a degree.

General Mandatory Courses
Theory (3 years)
Solfège (5 years)
Harmony (3 years)
History of Music (2 years)
Morphology (2 years)
Instrumentation (1 year)
Chamber Music (2 years)
Mandatory Piano (up to below)
Orchestra (2 years)
Training in the handling of all percussion instruments
Pedagogy Training
History of Art (1 year) – attendance is optional