• Violin


  • Viola


  • Violoncello


  • Doublebass


    Instruments with a bow that participate in the symphony orchestra. They are all the same shape but differ in size, with the violin being the smallest and the double bass the largest. They all have four strings, are wooden, have the same timbre and their arms are fretless.
    For the needs of young children's lessons, special small-sized instruments are available, corresponding to the child's physique.

    Weekly duration of piano course according to the level of studies:
    - Preliminary - Lower level 40 ΄
    - Intermediate level 60΄
    - Higher level 80΄
    - Professional studies 100΄
    - Post-graduate 100΄

    Duration of Studies:
    - Preparatory level : 2 years / 1 year (double bass)
    - Lower Level: 2 years (viola - cello) / 3 years (violin) / 1 year (double bass)
    - Intermediate Level: 3 years / 2 years (doublel bass)
    - Advanced Level: 3 or 4 years 
    The above duration of studies is the minimum required in order for the student to complete his/her studies and obtain "ptychion" or "diploma".

    General Mandatory Courses
    Theory (3 years)
    Solfège (5 years)
    Harmony (3 years)
    History of Music (2 years)
    Orchestra (3 years)
    Chamber Music (3 years)
    Prima Vista
    Mandatory Piano (up to the middle school)
    Practical Teaching (2 years)
    Instrumentation (1 year) - attendance is optional
    History of Art (1 year) - attendance is optional

    Note down that:
    Theory and Solfege should start at the beginning of studies. Solfege tuition goes on during the course of Harmony classes.
    History of Music and Chamber Music should begin at the 1st year of Higher level at the latest.