Classical Guitar

Classical guitar belongs to the family of plucked instruments. Classical guitar studies at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory are conducted by renowned guitarists, degree holders and, in the majority of them, with important post-graduate studies and distinctions in international competitions.

Weekly duration of lessons per level
Preparatory and Lower Level 40 ΄
Intermediate 60'
Advanced 80'
Professional section 100'
Postgraduate department 100΄

Duration of studies per class at the Guitar School
Preparatory Level: Two-year course
Lower Level: Three-year study
Intermediate: Three-year course
Advanced: Three- or four-year study

The above duration of study is the minimum for acquiring a "ptychion" or "diploma".

General Mandatory Courses

Theory (3 years)
Solfège (5 years)
Harmony (3 years)
History of Music (2 years)
Morphology (2 years)
Chamber Music (2 years)
Pedagogy Training (2 years)
Choir (2 years) – attendance is optional
Instrumentation (1 year) – attendance is optional
History of Art (1 year) – attendance is optional