Age: from 22 month-old until 4-year-old toddlers

You feel happy with each new step, each new word. It' s time to discover some of the talents of your child. Imagine them sing, dance, listen to the music undistracted... A teddy bear's presence is very important in all our courses in the Conservatory, and this system is named after it. Music offers safety, satisfaction, calmness. And most important: it is a stimulus that helps infants advance with bigger comfort from one stage to the next.At this phase they are not expected to learn to sing impeccably or to recite the poems.It is even an achievement if they manage to remember certain words, certain movements or certain rhythmical patterns.

The course is based on repetition, on beloved subjects of children of this age (Kindergarten, the Sea, Birthday, Playground) and on the comprehension of the rhythm.The members of 'Teddy' team have fun, collaborate, obey in rules, and with this creative musical hour their adaptation in the Kindergarden becomes so much easier...