Máximo Diego Pujol, new CD by George Tossikian
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Máximo Diego Pujol, new CD by George Tossikian

Two years after George Tossikian’s debut on Brilliant Classics, a brand-new album is presented under the prestigious European label, including music by Argentinean composer Máximo Diego Pujol. Pujol’s stylistically inclusive and guitar-friendly writing seeks to communicate his fascination for the different musical strands that have shaped him as an artist. Traditional tango and folk forms are just as present as classical forms in his work, because Pujol strives for a fusion of traditional Argentine music with formal academic concepts. Máximo Diego Pujol’s music is the guitar testimony of such a complex country as Argentina, but it is also, and above all, the expression of a universal lyricism, feeding on eternal feelings like melancholy, nostalgia, sensuality, passion, anger, and love. This new recording contains the Variaciones sobre un tema de Atahualpa Yupanqui, Elegia por la muerte de un tanguero, Sonatina, and Suite del Plata, no.1. 
find it here: https://www.brilliantclassics.com/.../pujol-cuatro.../

Máximo Diego Pujol about the new album:
"An excellent piece of work of virtuoso guitarist George Tossikian. In his recording of my compositions he has managed to move through various musical genres of Argentina with remarkable ease. He has been able to render, in each one of them, the exact character, the emotion involved, and the expressive power required in order to achieve the unity of a work of art. It is a CD that I unreservedly recommend."
Máximo Diego Pujol