Stella Dalampira was born in Serres. She studied piano with Fani Karagianni and Advanced Theory with K. Tsougras (harmony, counterpoint) and K. Siempis (fugue). She holds a diploma in Composition from State Conservatory of Thessaloniki with professor K. Tsougras. She has participated in piano and music performance seminars (with G. Hatzinikos, N. Astrinidis, D. Toufexis, D. Dimopoulos, L. Boyajieva, Idée Fix Ensemble, F. Karagianni etc.), music analysis and composition (with V. Kitsos, I. Papadatos, K. Tsougras, K. Siempis, D. Dimopoulos, B. Blonski) and at International Musicological Conferences. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Aristoteles University, while she also studied at the Faculty of Education of the Aristoteles University.

Her works have been presented, among others, at the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki (by Patricia Surmann, F. Karagianni, O. Karydis, K. Tsifodimou, G. Koutoulas, Chr. Katidou, etc.), at the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (European research program COINVENT / FET – FP7), at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall (by Ensemble Logos), at the Athens Concert Hall (by the Hellenic Contemporary Music Ensemble). In collaboration with Theatrical Group G, she wrote music for the play "Troades" by Euripides and the performance "Hekavi in time".

She has been teaching piano, advanced theoretical (harmony, counterpoint, fugue) and history, morphology, organology, etc. courses since 2008.

At the Philippos Nakas Conservatory (Thessaloniki branch) she teaches piano and advanced theory courses.

Stella Dalampira

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