Kortessa Tsifodimou was born in Thessaloniki. She started guitar lessons in Germany with Ernst Hehtke at the age of 8. She continued in Greece with Thanassis Pavlou, and obtained her Degree and Diploma from the Music College of Thessaloniki. At the same time, she obtained her diploma in Lyric Song at the Municipal Conservatory of Thessaloniki with Theodore Pantsios. She also studied Music Theory with G. Baroutas (Harmony degree), C. Sakallieros (Counterpoint degree) and V. Kitsos (Fugue degree).
She has participated in seminars and festivals for guitar with E. Asimakopulos, K. Kotsiolis, H. Kappel, R. Dyens, R. Aussel, Thomas Muller-Pering, A. Desiderio, Z. Dukic, D. Grimes, G. Newton.
She has also taken part in Lyric song seminars, Opera Studios, Choir Conducting, Music Performance and Theoretical Analysis, Contemporary Music Technology and Early Music.
As a soloist, member of chamber music ensembles and professional choirs she has performed in various concerts in Greece and abroad, and has made several recordings.
She is also a graduate of the Department of Surveying Engineering, Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.
She teaches Guitar and Chamber Music at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory and directs the guitar ensemble of the conservatory.

Kortessa Tsifodimou

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Classical Guitar | Chamber Music | Direction of the Guitar Ensemble