Dimitris Leontzakos was born in Kavala. He introduced himself to music by playing the clarinet, flute and the recorder. He dedicated himself to the clarinet. He graduated from the Synchrono Conservatory of Thessaloniki (class of K. Papadopoulos). He also studied the clarinet with Gerd Starke (Music Academy of Munich, Germany), Anton Hollich (Baden-Baden), Vincenzo Mariozzi (Santa Cecilia Music Academy, Rome) and Richard Faria (Fulbright Scholarship, Ithaca College, New York, U.S.A).He participated in Masterclasses with Charles Neidic, Aurelian Popa, Walter Boeykens and Michel Letiec. He now permanently performs with the Thessaloniki City Symphony Orchestra. He has also performed with the Volos Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Symphony Orchestra of Katerini Music School and Symphony Orchestra of Serres Music School. He teaches the clarinet at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Thessaloniki. He has cofounded the contemporary music ensemble ‘Omada 3 plus’ (clarinet, violin & piano) and he is member of the contemporary music ensembles “Idée fixe” and “Terra Incognita” (Jazz, Experimental).

Dimitris Leontzakos

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