Pelina Evangelou is:
• Vice-president (2021-2024, 2011-2014) and Founding member of the Greek Association of Graduate Professional Music Therapists
• Head of the Music Therapy Department at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, from its inception in 2012 until today, where she conducts music therapy sessions with children and young people with mild or more severe difficulties and disabilities and "Introduction to Music Therapy" Seminars, lasting 40 hours (from 2014 to present)
• Lecturer in the Master's Program "Dramatic Art and Performing Arts in Education and Lifelong Learning" of the Department of Theater Studies of the School of Fine Arts of the University of Peloponnese (from 2020 until today)
• Collaborator of the University of Macedonia since 2016 as responsible for the internship of music therapy students of the "Music and Society" Master's Program of the Department of Music Science and Art of the University of Macedonia, majoring in "Music Therapy"
• Music therapist at the Day Care Center of the Panhellenic Association of Parents, Guardians and Friends of People with Vision Problems and Additional Disabilities "Amimoni" (from 2006 until 2020)
• Creator of the inclusive community music therapy ensemble for people with and without visual impairment and additional disabilities "Oniremata" and responsible for conducting 42 Community Music Therapy musical performances and concerts from 2009 to 2020.
• Graduated in Advanced Theory of Music (Harmony, Counterpoint). She studied Piano, Guitar, Modern Song, "Music for Theater and Cinema" and Music Technology. She studied Music in the Department of Arts and Sciences at Deree College. She completed the three-year Postgraduate Education Program in Music Therapy of the Music Therapy Center of Thessaloniki in collaboration with the corresponding Postgraduate Study Program of New York University (U.S.A.) and then studied at the Postgraduate Department of Music Therapy of New York University (USA) as an Advanced Student in Music Therapy. After her return to Greece, she completed 4 annual seminar cycles on the topic: "Basic Principles of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, Psychoanalytic Prism and Public Care", of the Institute of Mental Health for Children and Adults P. Sakellaropoulos.
• Since 2001 she has worked as a music therapist in Day Centers, Special Treatment Centers, Rehabilitation Clinics, Conservatories and other therapeutic and educational organizations in Greece and U.S.A.
• She participates as a lecturer in conferences, workshops and seminars on Music Therapy. Her texts have been published in scientific publications in Greece and abroad and have been included in the bibliography of music therapy courses taught in Greek State Universities (APTH, PAMAK).
• In 2020 a detailed presentation of her work as a music therapist was published among 109 selected works from 54 countries in the international edition for the 75th anniversary of the United Nations (UN) “Music as a Global Resource Compendium”

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