Born in 1983 in Athens, Αdriana Evangelatou graduated with honors (Ptychion), class of Popi Michailidou and honors first prize, class of Natalia Michailidou - N. Skalkotas conservatory.
She continued her studies with renowned professors such as T. Gouvelis and M. Traulos and at the same time took part in seminars with D. Lively, V. Viardo, F. Jacquinot, D. Evnouchidou and in Poland with professor M. Szlezer. She holds Harmony degree - dlass of  E. Kokkoris.
She has performed with chamber music groups as well as solo piano recitals in the library of the Megaron and at the Philippos Nakas Concert Hall.
She is a graduate of the Department of Library Science and Information Systems.
Since 2016, she has been teaching at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory and the National Conservatory (Kallipoli branch) where she is also employed as a piano accompanist, while since 2022, together with the pianist-composer P. Kliropoulou, she has been organizing concerts at the Myrtilo multipurpose hall. 

Adriana Evangelatou

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