Filippia Rizopoulou was born in Athens and graduated from the University of Athens Music Studies department. She holds a Diploma in piano and accordion, Harmony and Counterpoint degrees.

She graduated from the two-year-cycle for Carl Orff system (Moraitis School / Orff Schulwerk Forum, Salzburg) and has followed a three-year study cycle of Music (under the auspices of the New York University).

She attended the Centre for Contemporary Music Research biennial seminar with subject the study of Greek music and cultural heritage and took part in a research project of the same institution on music therapy.

She participated in the annual choral seminar of European Union and took part in the choir of the National and the Greek Conservatory. For several years, accompanied on the piano choirs.

She attended seminars on "Teaching the piano '(Prof. M. Lewander), Alexander Technique (kath.Nelly Ben-Or) and two-year seminar course on" Methodology of Piano Pedagogy "(prof. Liana Haratsi).

She has participated in several meetings and many conferences in Greece and abroad (Austria, France, Italy) as a listener and as a speaker covering a diverse range of subjects (music education, conducting, music-therapy, piano, learning disabilities, music therapy, art and education, etc.)

Since 2009 she is studying the Montessorian Education in relation to the music.

She was trained by YAMAHA Music Foundation in relating music prep systems, the organ and piano. She holds a Grade 5 in the YAMAHA Electone and Grade 4 in piano and theory.

Filippia Rizopoulou

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