Thomas Meleteas was born in 1993 and grew up in Athens. He is a PhD candidate in the Department of Music Art & Science of the University of Macedonia on the subject of interpretation and performance on the oud. At the same time, he holds a degree in Physics from the University of Athens with a specialization in astrophysics, and a master's degree from the Department of Music Science & Art of the University of Macedonia with a specialization in Mediterranean modal music.
His involvement with music starts from childhood, while since 2011 he has been participating in various music groups at recording, composing and performing levels. In 2016, he dedicates himself to the oud, the musical traditions of the eastern Mediterranean, but also the interaction of these with modern stimuli in search of a personal aesthetic proposal in composition and performance. At the same time, as a researcher, he is looking for the endings of the "traditional" musicians and instruments of the Mediterranean in the post-modern urban landscape.
He has released two personal albums of his compositions, Nestinari (2019) and Shapeshifting Wizards (2021), as well as various singles and EPs. At the same time, collaborating with a multitude of artists from Greece and abroad, he has taken part in a large number of concerts, tours and festivals.
Apart from his musical activity, he has published a poetry collection (HEX, 2019), as well as various visual works. From 2022 he teaches oud at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

Thomas Meleteas

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