George Marinakis was born in Athens in 1971 and his origin is Ano Meria Folegandros Cyclades. He was initiated into the traditional music by his father who was his first teacher of the violin. He also took violin lessons from George Mariola and taught Byzantine music by Lykourgos Angelopoulos.
He has participated in: radio-television productions, recordings and many concerts in Greece (Athens Concert Hall, Thessaloniki, Herodion etc.) and worldwide (Europe, Asia, USA, Canada, Africa, Australia etc.), working with traditional dancing groups and important cultural institutions (Centre for Asia Minor Studies etc), musicologists-researchers (Mark Dragoumis, Lambros Liavas, George Papadakis, Nick Dionysopoulos etc.) traditional singers (Domna Samiou, Chronis Aidonidis etc.) as well as remarkable and important (Greek and foreign) musicians, composers, conductors and singers (Giorgos Andreou, Ross Daily, Stavros Xarchakos, Lukas Karytinos, Costas Ganoselis and George Dalaras, Marinella, Poly Panou etc.).

He has taught for many years (1992-1996) in Model Musical High School of Pallini and other music schools. Since 1995 he teaches violin in the traditional music department of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

Giorgos Marinakis

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