Yorgos Krommydas was born in Athens, February 1977. He studied electric guitar, jazz Harmony, as well as upper level classic theory (harmony, counterpoint, fugue) in Athens at PHILIPPOS NAKAS Conservatory and in Amsterdam, Holland at CONSERVATORIUM VAN AMSTERDAM. After completing his studies, he began teaching guitar in the modern department of PHILIPPOS NAKAS, where he works until today, while YAMAHA chose him to teach one of its music programs, YAMAHA POPULAR MUSIC.

He has collaborated with many prominent jazz musicians in Greece (G. Kontrafouris, T. Paterelis, D. Kalantzis, P. Meternatos, M. Moreleon, Evi Siamanta etc.) and has participated in many recordings as a session musician. He was a founding and active member of “HOT CLUB DE GRECE”, and in June 2009 he created the "ORGAN TRIO" with Giorgos Kontrafouris and Christos Asonitis and recorded his first personal album, JAZZIUM, which was released by LYRA, in spring 2010. Two years later he created the "MODERN JAZZ QUINTET" with which he recorded his second solo album, AGGRESSIVE THOUGHTS, released in March 2013 by JADEO-ANKH MUSIC. This particular cd received great reviews and was nominated as one of the best albums of 2013 by the SOUND magazine.

In June 2013, he was chosen among 45 participations to represent Greece at the Athens-Technopolis European jazz festival. He has also participated in many international music festivals such as Tinos Jazz Festival, Sampajana, Athens Cosmomusica, Athens Technopolis Djangofest.

In May 2014, Thomas Cappellman, regional manager of YAMAHA Europe, evaluates him as virtuoso guitarist, he includes him in the list of Yamaha guitar artists thus he becomes the only Greek guitarist endorsed by Yamaha.

In June 2015, JADEO-ANKI MUSIC releases his third cd album titled A ROUTE THROUGH THE STANDARDS, a CD dedicated to the great jazz legends...

In February 2017 began the recording and production of his fourth personal album LUTEUS, which was officially released in October of the same year.

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