Born in Athens in 1963, Takis Barberis began studying music from the age of 10. He studied classical guitar at the National Conservatory with Dimitris Fampas and theory with Yiannis Avgerinos, and received the Harmony certificate.
Meanwhile he had been playing electric guitar in several Rock bands. From 1979 begins his interest in Jazz music. He collaborates with C. Trantalidis, N. Touliatos, P. Gekas, A. Georgiou, and in 1982 he presents his first compositions with 'Jazz Fusion Quintet'. Since then he starts his collaboration with D. Lynch and T. Farazis, continuing later in 1985 with the band 'Iskra', one of the most successful and innovative ensembles of the period with G. Fakanas, N.Touliatos and L. Pliatsikas. 'Iskra' released their first album 'A New Day' (Polygram) containing two compositions of Barberis.In 1987-1989 he creates the group 'Model 63' with S. Chatzigiagkos and K. Kalogerou, a more experimental approach of Rock with Greek lyrics, creating the album 'Model 63' (Lyra 1988) .In 1990 he released his first personal album 'Something From July' '(Lyra 1990) with the participation of T. Farazis, G.Kontrafouris, T. Paterelis , K. Kalogerou etc. with his own compositions of the 80s with many Jazz Rock and Latin influences. In 1992 the album 'ARE You Happy?' (Lyra) with the classic sound of a Jazz Quintet (G. Kontrafouris T. Paterelis, C. Vassalos, K. Kalogerou). The compositions use for the first time elements of Eastern and Greek music combined with the Jazz rhythm and harmony. In 1995 he creates thealbum 'Episodes' with eight very famous Greek musicians (P. Benetatos, G. Kontrafouris T. Paterelis, Y. Kiourtsoglou, C. Vassalos, K. Kalogerou T. Farazis, P. Kourtis) collaborating with the internationally renowned Indian percussionist Trilok Gurtu and the traditional clarinetist Peter Loukas Halkias, characterized by critics as one of the most successful combinations of Jazz and traditional elements (Greek and Indian music). In 1998 the album 'Naiva' (Lyra) continues and evolves the influences of idioms encountered in his previous work 'Episodes', with the participation of G.Kontrafoursi, T. Paterelis, G.Polychronakos, G.Georgiadis, M.Saridakis , T.Farazis, Peter Loukas Chalkias and Indians Reshma Srivastava and Shankar Lal. In 2004 the album 'Porto Kayio' (Libra) with data found in previous works but also for the first time use Cozy technology with music samples (samples, loops), with Y. Georgiadis, M. Kapilidis and Indians Debashish Bhattacharya and Subhashis Bhattacharya. All these years he has been collaborating with almost all of the Greek Jazz musicians, and several foreigners as Trilok Gurtu, Glenn Corneille and taken part in numerous events in Greece and abroad. Since 1981 he teaches modern guitar and improvisation. Since the early 1990s he belongs to the faculty corpus of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

Takis Barberis

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