Kostas Kostadimas was born in 1987 in Ioannina. He started playing the classical guitar at the age of 10 attending lessons at the Municipal Conservatory of Ioannina. He graduated from the Modern Department of the Philippos Nakas Conservatory with a degree in Harmony and Electric Guitar under Vangelis Bouluhtsis and Adam Sotiropoulos. He has attended courses with Takis Barberis, Costas Maghinas, Vangelis Peponis and Stefanos Andreadis. Since 2005 he has been participating in music scenes with various heavy, rock, funk, blues, artistic and traditional styles. He has collaborated with various artists, musicians and bands such as Magekapama, Giorgos Papathanasiou, Zodes and Tethneotes, Vangelis Boulouhtsis, Yiannis Yokarinis, Lakis Papadopoulos, Spyros Grammenos, Stella Tzovara, George "gt" Stergiou, Folk n' Roll, Off the Record Band, God Damned, Destortion Season, Epodoma, Down the Alley, Groovylisious, Under Pressure, Joe Lynn Turner, Ronnie Romero et al. Since 2016 he has been a member of George Gakis & The Troublemakers. In 2019 he created his personal band USHALA.
• Folk n' Roll - "Fern"
• Giorgos Papathanasiou - "Between the light and the shadow"
• Magekapama - “Magekapama”
• Stellar Fever Band - “Stellar Fever”
• Stathis Artinos - "The Circle"
• Stelios Kotidis - "You choose, you don't get"
• USHALA-'In the beginning was Chaos
• Living and dying

Kostas Kostadimas

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