Sotiria Kollia was born and raised in Koropi, Attica. She started music lessons at the age of eight. At the age of seventeen she was a final student in classical harmonium at Alkyonio Odeon Koropi. From the age of thirteen to sixteen, she participated as a principal pianist in the children's choir of Michalis Petevis. After finishing high school, she began her studies at the University of Macedonia in the Department of Music Science and Art, from where she graduated. At the age of seventeen, she started classical singing lessons with the soprano of the National Opera, Maria Moutsiou.

She started singing professionally at the age of eighteen with foreign and Greek repertoire (rock, pop and art). In 2001, she started singing lessons with Evi Siamanda. In the summer of 2003, she sang at Stavros tou Notou together with Panos Mouzourakis and Giorgos Mylonas. In 2004 she started vocal lessons with Roza Venetikidou in classical and then modern singing. She has attended seminars with Sheila Jordan, Dianne Reeves and Sanni Orasmaa. During Chico Freeman's stay in Greece she recorded her demos on the tracks he composed himself. With him she worked on the correct American accent and articulation, as well as expression in Jazz and Soul singing. Some of the bands in which she was a lead singer are "Seven of a kind", "Sotiria & the Background Collective", Sotiria Kollia Quartet. She has collaborated with Aroma Caribe with whom he has performed concerts in Thessaloniki and Cyprus.
In 2008, Thought Converter's CD, "Full Circle", was released, where she herself sings and participates in the composition of the songs. In Christmas 2012, her collaboration with Antony K. and Dj Angelo's remix of the track "Do something more" was released, which brought them to number one in downloads. She participated in the music and wrote the lyrics. In 2013 and 2014 she started playing piano and singing, arranging foreign pieces of the international scene in a jazz style and presenting them at the HYATT hotel on Jazz & Wine evenings in collaboration with the most refined and renowned wine producers in Greece. Her love for Jazz led her to create various projects and perform in Thessaloniki, Athens and the countryside with exclusively foreign lyrics.
Her latest work is "Popin' the rock from my soul" with top musicians in their genre: Christos Anastasiadis (trumpet), Yiannis Papatriandafillou (double bass), Nikos Vargiamidis (drums). She has been working as a Music teacher in Primary and Secondary public education since 2006. Since 2013 she has been a teacher of modern singing, giving individual lessons and seminars in various parts of Greece. In 2017, she started her collaboration with the Philippos Nakas Conservatory.

Sotiria Kollia

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