Fenia Papadodima completed her theater studies at the Conservatoire C.N.S.A.D (Higher National Drama School of France), in Paris. She was admitted for studies along with eight other French women among a thousand contestants. At the same time, she studied lyrical singing with soprano Liliane Mazeron, Indian Carnatic singing with Sri Venudas, African harp (n'goni) and vocal improvisation with Moussa Hema. She sang with the French band Carreta.
She combines the theatrical act with singing, vocal expression, improvisation. She plays on the biggest theater stages in performances by great European directors and stands out in the genre of musical theater for her improvisational skills and her ability to vocally combine different musical traditions, melodies and rhythms from all over the world.
As a jazz vocalist, she collaborated with educators and important musicians of the jazz scene in New York, recording legendary standards, while completing a course of study on composition and vocal improvisation at the New School University.

She returned to Greece where she recorded a series of Greek traditional songs and received a diploma in Byzantine music from the conservatory of D. Iliopoulos. She collaborated with the Masters of the Singing Art under the direction of Achilleas Chaldaiakis and participated in their last concert at the Concert Hall.

She has presente with great success the musical show "A Cat Called Billy Holiday" with David Lynch. She plays with important musicians of Greek jazz and improvisational music:
David Lynch, Yoel Sotto, Takis Barberis, Nikos Kapilidis, Kostas Baltazanis, Giorgos Palamiotis, Andreas Polyzogopoulos, Lefteris Havoutzas, Haris Lambrakis, Nikos Siderokastritis and others.
She recorded a personal album "The fairy's handkerchief" (Lyra) and two world jazz albums in collaboration with Giorgos Palamiotis: Eleusis, Tales of the Holy and Photini's Delos with Greek and French musicians, touring also in Greece and France.

She created the groups: Fenia et les Zazous, Grace Flowers quartet, Amorgo quartet, Nostalghia, and finally the Nekyia quartet, with which she presented an arrangement of Nekyia from the Odyssey ("When we soon descended to the sea") at the Athens Festival in 2017, with: Panagiotis Kostopoulos, Markos Chaidemenos, Giorgos Palamiotis and Leonidas Sarantopoulos.
Since 2015 she composes music and writes lyrics for a series of musical theater performances: Alternative Lyric Stage (The Fallen Dervish 2018), National Theater (Greece through the eyes of Jacques Lacarrier 2018), Art Theater (Nekyia - Ecstasy 2017), French Institute (Je suis Ulysse 2017), M. Kakogiannis Foundation (Anthos tou gialou 2019), Fournos Theater (Flandro 2022), ELER Theater (2023 Release), receiving great reviews.
She has been collaborating with Gogo Xagara (harp) and Ivi Papathanasiou (cello).
With Giorgos Palamiotis, they create the "Athenian Musical Theater" and sign the artistic direction of the ElaiΩnas Festival since 2015.
They write and present on NET the musical educational show Caroussel.
France and Greece/ Collaborations - appearances:
- Langhoff, Adrien, Olivier, Sommier, Jean Francois Perret, Michel Deutch/(Théâtre de l’Odéon, de Gennevilliers, Bobigny MC 93, Théâtre National de Strasbourg, Festival d’Avignon, Théâtre de la Tempête)
- D. Savvopoulos, M. Faradouri, V. Lekkas, Th. Papacostantinou, M. Famelos, K. Vombolos et al.

Fenia Papadodima taught for a number of years at the Philippos Nakas Conservatory, returning in 2023 and resuming the teaching of jazz, as well as traditional and contemporary Greek singing.

Fenia Papadodima

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