Dimitra Kitsou was born in Thebes. At the age of seven, she began her musical studies in piano and theory at the Municipal Conservatory of Thebes and then at the Estoudiantina School of Music in Athens, where she received the degree in Harmony (2018).

She is a graduate of the Department of Music Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens (2021), while in December 2022 she will graduate from the Three-Year Study Program of C. Orff Music and Kinetic Education, at the Moraitis School.

She has taken part in many seminars such as: "Music and Performing Arts with an emphasis on the image" with Dimitris Maragopoulos, "Acoustic Ecology & Musical Improvisation" with Panagiotis Kanellopoulos and Ioanna Etkmetzoglou, "Like the whistle, so the dance" with Angelika Wolf and "Putting on a Performance: Music - Movement - Speech" with Katerina Sarropoulou. She has also participated for one year in the Physical Theater workshop of Johnny 0 (Ioannis Economides).

Since 2019 she has been teaching music theory, music pre-education and piano at young ages and since 2021 C. Orff music-kinetic education. She has collaborated with Conservatories and kindergartens. Her collaboration with the Philippos Nakas Conservatory began in 2022 with the teaching of infant music education programs.

Dimitra Kitsou

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